Hi Friends,

I am Prachi and this blog is just an attempt to keep myself busy with some creativity and with the hope of entertaining myself after many years when I look back at the journey I had. 

I often keep analyzing why we girls think and behave the way we do. I mean we are not that difficult to figure out after all. Well I’m sure opinions here are going to differ, especially with the different gender. But let’s just say, we’re not ALL that difficult as we are projected to be.

Anyhow, I guess now we have a whole blog to debate on that thought.

My blog is and will be an outcome of the usual routines of our lives which probably might help us realize a few things on the way. I don’t intend to write an autobiography or stick to just one person’s life, but it will be a mix of all the love, food and drama that actually surrounds us. It will have love lessons, and a variety of food experiments and of course a lot of dramatic gossips too.

So, here’s cheers to me and I hope I write lots and lots of blogs on all topics that come to my mind… and for all you guys who could read my blogs… well… Happy Reading my blog called “Love, Food n Drama !”

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